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My In-laws are Obsessed With Me CHAPTER LIST
  • My In-laws are Obsessed With Me

    Alternative : 시월드가 내게 집착한다
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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep 24, 18:54
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  • Genre : Fantasy, Romance
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My In-laws are Obsessed With Me:

My family and my husband killed me. Because of the inheritance. Returning to the past, I made up my mind. “I have to protect my life and my inheritance.” Grand Duke Lapireon of the cursed family. I offered him, who was not interested in property and women, a one year contract marriage. Now, all we have to do is get a divorce… “Lady, do you think you can leave me now?” My husband is weird. “Would you like a land or a mine? Or an empire?” “Sasha, did Theo do something wrong?” “Mom, don’t leave me.” “Sister… I can’t live without you.” Even my in-laws began to obsess over me.
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