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The Death Of Baron Werther CHAPTER LIST

The Death Of Baron Werther:

Monika, the eldest daughter in Viscount Wodehouse's family. Due to inheriting her Indian mother's exotic beauty and her image of self-control, she has received great praises from the local aristocrats. But no one knew about the fact that even a nice and well-behaved lady like her had a secret identity, that is——being an Erotica Writer! After the First World War ended, during a charity banquet held with extra care, the appearance of a specific someone had completely turned her life upside down and caused her to be dragged into the murder case of one of the aristocrats. In order to protect those of which she cherished, Monika tries to seek out various hints and clues, and analyze the ones that she has gotten, all for the sake of revealing the truth behind the death of the baron!