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Who Cares:

One lives a carefree lifestyle roaming around the world. The other places his reason over his heart, after weathering thousands of hardships. Their relationship, which simply began as “having fun while it lasts”, gradually evolves into a bloodless psychological battle. While suspicion and mutual intrigue escalate into warfare as they relentlessly challenge each other's bottom-line, their emotions unknowingly build until they are helplessly entangled together. The one who cares more is also the one who is more affected by the presence of the other.
Chapter name Time uploaded
Who Cares Chapter 5

: The Absolute Pleasure Of Adults?!

Who Cares Chapter 4

: I’Ll Forgive You If You Give Me A Kiss

Who Cares Chapter 3

: I Want To Light Up Your Body On Fire

Who Cares Chapter 2

: My Heart Beats So Fast When I’M Facing You

Who Cares Chapter 1

: What I’M Trying To Do Is Definitely Not Immature

Who Cares Chapter 0.5

: Character Profiles

Who Cares Chapter 0.2

: Character Description

Maybe coming in the next issue
Who Cares Chapter 65
Who Cares Chapter 66